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A simple man's humble plea to the world...
Help us to shed light on the darkness that threatens to envelope and enslave us all!

We at seek your support in our ongoing battle against tyranny, deception and injustice. Brought about by our common enemy Lucifer! Because it is no longer a matter of if you choose to not believe in an all powerful loving creator God or not, you can no longer afford to ignore the overt chaos, confusion and rising tide of violence and corruption at all levels of our human existence whether you live in the United States of America or elsewhere. Something is happening, and has been happening for a long time because of multi generational mass media programming, rampant corruption at high government positions and social conditioning. This must stop and quickly! I know you can feel that 'something' is happening. There is a sense of quickening amongst the people of earth, I feel it and I know that you can too. The people of earth must awaken from the enchantment that has been placed upon them so long ago and reclaim their right to exist as free living peoples!

United under Gods everlasting love

As your webmaster I have tried hard to not beat any unbelievers over the head with my faith, and judging from some emails that I have received over these past 4 years from people that do not believe in a personal God I believe I am succeeding...Please let me explain. I have had the pleasure of responding to emails from my beautiful brothers and sisters whom have stated too me that they do not believe in God, but in the same breath (if you will) have said that they had never given serious thought too the Bible and some of the scriptural analogies (and examples) that I have laid out in this website but they say it has given them great pause when they themselves have now actually seen the biblical correlations happening around them today in the world. In the Bible this is called planting seeds.

As a gardener hearing this from these (I feel) not yet lost brothers and sisters, fills me with great joy and encouragement!

So how can you help support us?

I will be (at a later date) embedding a Paypal donation button in this page for those of you who would wish to voluntarily support our cause here at But before I continue there are a couple of things that I feel need to be brought to light...No pun intended.
First and foremost: I your humble webmaster, and this website are not one of those 501(c)3 charities or organizations. Because the main problem with 501(c)3 status is that it imposes governmental restrictions on the 1st Amendment in regards to proclaiming our Lords word, and also allows the government to seize any and all property and assets in the case of 'National emergency' contrived or not! So this is not an option as far as we at are concerned.

Second: I your humble webmaster, and this website are not the least bit interested in profit either!

Are you confused yet?

What I your humble webmaster and this website are all about is getting out to the masses person to person, eye to eye, heart to heart and delivering the Lords word to the people by showing people the direct connections between the Holy Bible and today's current geopolitical events by way of conventions, symposiums, flyers, pamphlets and also by way of our in progress (Or rather currently under construction) Internet radio show  quality audio and visual gear is not cheap! Neither is the bandwidth that this project will use either.

But...We here at are not just about donations! In the very near future I will be adding an online store in this page for the purpose of selling SaintsAgainstTyranny gear (Or swag if you will) through this website. All proceeds will go to the construction and development of but not exclusively. Proceeds and donations will also be used to help travel too conventions and for the setting up of a tables (which gets more costly by the year) as well as helping to accommodate visiting guest speakers, registration fee's and a whole gambit of things that in the beginning even I had no clue about, and has proven to be a hindrance to this webmaster and as a whole. I fully understand that all of this sounds like we here at have alot on our plate, and yes we do but things are coming together (albeit slowly) but coming together non the less!

I personally have deliberated within myself over this issue of asking for outside monetary help for (at least) the last year! I have spent vast amounts of time in prayer
over and about this very issue. Even now as I write out this page there is a large measure of reticence about even reaching out too the world through the internet for help.
The decision to ask for assistance was not and is not easy, and I do not take the responsibility of this lightly! I have lived in Roswell New Mexico for 5 years now and there certainly is a need to feed the poor and cloth them as well. This is something that truly is (and always will be) near and dear to my heart. If you could see what Mlady and I see on a daily basis, your heart might break also. local and state resources here in Roswell NM were fleeting and paltry at best even before the economic down turn.

I also realize that Roswell is not any different than most anywhere else...The need for mercy today is great, and the needs of our brothers and sisters is just as great. Mlady and I are more than willing to do what we can, where ever we can for all of Gods children...Yours and our beloved brothers and sisters.

So since this page is still under construction for the time being, if you should have any questions please feel free to contact me at the Email link below.
Thank you so very much for taking your valuable time to read and review not just this page but our humble website as well...May God bless you!


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