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"If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind,
it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it."
 Edward L. Bernays...The nephew of Sigmund Freud who studied his uncle's work.
Quote gleaned from "Flat Earth News" by Nick Davies.

So just who is this Edward L Bernays? Click here to find out!


Subliminal advertising...
The attack that keeps on giving!

In the world of corporate advertising there is a saying...Get em while there young! Lets also not forget the old adage that sex sells. Some of the corporate ads that you will see are obviously European the point here is, that if a country or society allows it they will certainly push the envelope for the sake of profit...Consequences be damned.

Before we continue I feel that a disclaimer is in order:

I know that some will find these examples distasteful, others will probably be shocked or outraged.
It is not my intent to pull my own secret little subliminal with you. I only present these images to show the utter depravity and lengths that the elitist owned corporations are willing to go to push their products and lack of morals, decency and influence upon us all; for their personal gain. So if anyone is offended by the material on this page I do humbly and sincerely ask for your apology in advance.

 Remember always bear in mind.
And be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed
by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is
that good and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.  
Romans 12 vs. 2  KJV

This page is presented to you in the hopes that you will start to come too the realization that everything in our world is geared towards control of us (That's you and I) the profane goiyum, Aka as the useless eaters.  Sure on the surface it somewhat innocently appears to be for retail advertising only, but do not forget that in manipulating us into buying their products we without realizing it are allowing these corporate monstrosities to control our thinking. Do they not dictate to us what we should wear? What we should listen to? What we should drive? These advertizing agencies are very adept at even manipulating us into what we think is cool, hip or popular this is most obvious if you were too listen very carefully to how people talk...Do we not find the public at large using corporate sounds bites as part of their vernacular? Listen carefully to peoples "Educated political talking points" all they are using is what is called sound bites, with very little and in most cases no other factual information to continue their point, just back and fourth political bickering using corporate media sound bites. Check out how much people now say "Sweet"! given that the last 4-5 years commercial advertising has really used this quite a bit in their adds too great effect. I have noticed now that the 'fist bash' is too be finished off with a flat hand kind of motion like a, dare I say it? Boo ya grandma attitude. I have already seen many people these past two months already doing this and it looks like it's going to catch on. I remember way back when in the 1970's when the high five first started in the NFL innocuous enough at first , but we still continue to see this done today. It is so ingrained into our society that for most people this has become an automatic reflex, as natural as breathing air! I've actually ticked off some folks by refusing to 'High five' then too make matters worse I tell them they watch too much TV and to please act their age...Oh well! Please start freeing your mind from their mass control.

If this wasn't bad enough, the subliminal use of sexual messages has actually gotten I feel worse over the years. Before I continue let me first just say that even though I am a Christian I am no prude, the mere subject of 'sex' does not throw me into a tizzy! But! When it is used as a control mechanism against us...and mainly our children, then yes this I do take issue with. We adults have been bombarded with these sexual ad's for decades and so have our children, but it's getting worse and it seems that less and less people and or parents are noticing. For example 'Disney' has for years been accused of using sexual subliminals in every one of there movies. This is a charge that they do not even try to deny anymore. To quote Disney executives "It's controversy, and controversy draws attention and attention draws business"! Disney executives now purposefully place more and more of these subliminals into their movies because as they themselves have stated: "It's a game too see if people will catch them". Here below are just a couple of examples of Disney's sexual subliminal messages that are directed towards our children. Disney say's that these subliminals are mainly directed at adults, but is it not adults that bring their children to see these movies? So is it really any wonder that we continually hear folks today complaining that our children are growing up faster and faster these days, generation by generation?


Here there is a 'pope' like figure with an erection. Something that Disney was rather cavalier about with there "Well I guess you got us" attitude when parental groups justifiably complained. Aside from this obvious subliminal, I do find it interesting that it was a pope figure. Given the nature of the seemingly continual priest pedophile scandals over these many many years. If one were to look at the pope graphic a little closer you will notice in the cleaned up picture that it certainly appears there is another phallic image. This being the green laurel like wreath that is wrapped around the column just above the semi open and outstretched hand of this pope character. If you will please notice the robe attachment across the front of the popes chest, that it looks just like the backside of the US one dollar bill. That would be the side with all the New World Order and occultic freemason crap on it. Are these multiple subliminals an inference that 'organized religion' is really all about depraved sex and money? In the next picture you can notice a phallic symbol this is just a small sample of what was found in the highly popular little mermaid animation.

Even then please take a look at the book marker ribbons in the cleaned up picture. Where the red and green ribbons are joined together behind the podium dangling from that union we see what either looks like a skull or an alien head. I personally do believe it is an alien head since Disney has already done a re-make of it's "Return to witch mountain" and it's heavy and overt extraterrestrial message. Which if one was paying attention too the 'hero's' of the movie were children born of extraterrestrial parents more commonly known today as 'Star children' or 'Indigo children'...Therefore making them hybrids.

Here is a graphic I found on the internet, I did not add the "Hybrids rule" caption so I don't know if this is a subliminal screen shot or not. But...please notice what certainly looks like to this amateur astronomer as the Pleiades star system behind Aladdin.
The alleged gray aliens claim to come from the Pleiades system. While I'm at it, the story of Aladdin involves a genie as one of it's central characters right? The word genie comes from the Arabic or Aramaic "Jinn" which actually means demon! Fact not fiction or theory! If you don't believe me than go find a Koran and look it up. If you will look closely again just above the tigers head there is a cleverly ghosted outline of an alien head that tilts to your left. It has a spirit moving through it from the 10 O clock position down to the 6 O clock position. Obviously pushing an ET agenda. Please
click here for my webpage on the Fallen Angel/Demon connection to aliens.
Now aside from our children's 'programming' was there anything that Disney claims they made special for the adults?

Now you know there was...Jessica Rabbit anyone?

 Too many parents today still continue too let there children watch Jessica rabbit thinking it's Disney...It's harmless!
At the risk of ticking off alot of people I really do hate to say it but, women are the single worst offenders for subjecting their children too Disney. Themselves thinking that they are sharing something that's 'cute' warm fuzzy, and innocent! That's what they believe because that's what they themselves grew up on. When are parents going to stand up and demand better for all of our children? Generation by generation it's still allowed to continue and nobody truly seems too notice. Parents need to take a close look at all children's 'cartoons' far too many adults are under the intended false impression that if it's a children's cartoon than it's innocent enough. Even SpongeBob square pants has been caught with gay subliminals and New World Order material in it.

Here is a really quick screen capture of Jessica Rabbit after she jumps out of the moving taxi.
While I'm talking about Jessica Rabbit do you remember when the she say's...

"I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way"!
So is this a clever or sly inference that God makes 'bad people' or mistakes?
There by cleverly planting the notion that we are now absolved of responsibility for our actions and behavior?

Here below is a subliminal from the animated movie The Rescuers. Do you see the naked woman in the window?
I find it both suspect and very odd that out of the four background windows  the inner two are illuminated with an obviously naked woman and what appears to be a Christian cross. I wonder what this message is supposed to be?

Here below is something that caught even me off guard.

Hmm...That's a very good question, who did design and approve this ride?
Notice where Donald is looking!

Don't even get me started on Harry Potter!



Today they have our children right where they want them. They actually own our children and there minds
the next generation of good little corporate droids is so much more 'advanced' than their predecessors.

Enough about Disney and such...What about TV programming?

When I was young, and yes I actually was at one time! One of my all time favorite TV shows was "The Rifleman" when I was somewhat older I had always heard that the show had alot of homosexual references in it. Later in life I had found out that the star of the show Chuck Conner's was gay. Here now is an advertisement photo for the show...This photo goes back to the early 1960's

This certainly seems like a subtle subliminal too me, not to mention the pedophile angle.
So is this where the term 'woody' comes from?
Remember even if we don't consciously 'catch' these messages our subconscious doesn't miss a thing!

So what other clever ploys do these corporations bombard us with?
Lets take this manly all Amerikan cowboy theme a little further shall we?

Marlboro anyone?

Since were talkin about cigarettes, do ya think the Illuminati is a little in our face with this?

Note the 'flame' styled labia. Talk about a dual message.

In a world of Viagra and 'male enhancement' drugs such as Levitra and most notably "Extenze" continuing to drive the 'forever young' mind set of our controlled hedonistic society, if one were to look closer one would find that even our diet has come under subliminal sexual assault. Obviously with  males as the primary target audience. Namely young males. Even then never forget it's always directed at our children, remember the corporate mantra...Get em while their young!

This skittles package has a very krafty technique applied to it. Can you spot the blatant use of the word 'Sex' in it?
I'll give you a hint. It starts with the red "S" skittle in the foreground! Remember these are purposely directed at our children.
Instead of Berry sexplosion...I'm thinking Very sexploitation. What do you think?

McDonald's and Burger King Openly touted as the "Biggies" of the fast food world and yes pun intended. I don't know which one of these two is the worst. The McDonald's penis sign, or the Burger king "Blow" your mind away with its "Super seven incher" and "it just tastes better"! The BK add is somewhat new. Certainly seems to be targeting young males what do you think? On second thought I'm going with the burger king ad as the worst of these two being so openly blatant. Including the heavy red lipstick fetish. Burger king pulled out all the stops on this one didn't they?


Of course we all need a soft drink with them burgers right?

How about a sweet treat afterwards?


More oral inferences for you, note the chocolate lips.

Now isn't the term 'Frig' a reference to female masturbation?

I found this on the net also so I figured I would include it to show the blatant attitudes of advertisers.

 If I were a woman I would (or should be) getting pretty ticked off by now.

Even cheap alcohol makers are not above a little subliminal sales pitch.
This is not a 'yin and yang' here brothers and sisters.

Even modern contemporary art has it's hidden messages. look between the flower stalks just above the ground.
Do you see how the open spaces spell sex?

In America's continually corporate sponsored quest to stay young I feel that the worst of these 'add campaigns' seem to be directed towards women. Here are a few examples for you too once again ponder. From magazines too health products. No one is immune

Here is Parents magazine...Hmm I wonder what this messages is supposed to be?


Not so subtle wouldn't you say?

Here is the movie marquee for Caddyshack. I won't go into Hollywood movies because that aspect alone, would encompass an entire website by itself. But hopefully you are starting to get a really good idea of the tactics involved in pushing their products upon us. So now that you have an idea of what to look for, start paying attention to the world around us. You will be floored at what you should now openly notice. Today's movies I have found seem geared more towards conditioning us into Satanism and the ever present...
New World Order.

Here is an obvious alien oriented subliminal by noted deviant Marilyn Manson.

Here we have a screen shot from the movie Alien. Hmm a sperm seeking out an ovum?

Even in the computer games of our young people

     This above graphic is from Anton LeVay's satanic bible. It's bad enough politicians, movie stars, sports stars, rock stars
and TV Evangelicals all use these highly questionable hand signals. Seeing pop or rock stars use them is certainly no surprise.
But when they intentionally go after our children in the attempts to 'condition' them under the guise of fitting in by being cool, I find it appalling that "Where is the outrage"? probably because many parents themselves are too busy trying to be cool! I see this all the time from people that should be acting their age, I can only hope that you will too will be able to notice if you are honestly willing to look. It's constant incremental conditioning generation after each successive generation.

No surprise here, Courtney Love with daughter.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...Even the 'Barracuda' does it.
Check out both of her hands.


Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman...Hero to millions of children world wide!


Oh here's some great Amerikan role models too be sure!

I did mention TV Evangelicals...So too be fair


Pat Robertson and Kenneth Copeland are confirmed to be Freemasons by independent researchers.

Here now is the single worst Freemason evangelical ever! I was absolutely floored when I found this out.
Again confirmed by independent researchers.


Benny Hinn has had several drug and money scandals over the years, and yet he still remains...Why?
I gave up watching TV Evangelicals some years ago when I first started to notice what they were really all about. Lets not forget the Jim and Tammy Faye Baker scandal of the 1980's that set the stage for young people to outright reject what they call and deem as 'organized religion' so as to these other dudes I couldn't really tell you who they are...I will try to look into them at a later date to get their names for you. If you know who they are then please feel free to Email me so I can add their names to this list of shame.

If you think this satanic hand sign nonsense is something that is relatively new...think again.

So how do they attack the minds of our young adults then?


Here are some advertisements for what is called the 18 to 30 club.
If you look closely you can see quite a few blatant sexual innuendo's

Nothing overtly sinister here but...


Now this is kind of obvious. But what is not so obvious is the Baphomet image that (also) makes up the white area as well.
Meet Baphomet boys and girls!


Goat of Mendes.

Here is a photo from the 60th anniversary of the United Nations. Can you see the 666?


Even in Europe their not immune to the subliminal bombardment to get at their money. With the satanic globalists the ones I call the 'Shadow masters' it's all about our complete and utter corruption at all level's of society both spiritual and physical, while they profit hugely from us!

Here is the Colombia pictures logo. Anyone see the Illuminati "All seeing eye" over the pyramid?
The first ever Freemason lodge in 18th C. America [Mid 1700's] was called the Columbian lodge or faction. Isn't that convenient!

Make no mistake! The shadow masters fully understand the power of the mass media. They financed it's development and now they own it and we really shouldn't be too surprised.

"If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind,
it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it."
 Edward L. Bernays...The nephew of Sigmund Freud who studied his uncle's work.
Quote gleaned from "Flat Earth News" by Nick Davies.

 "There is no such thing in America as an independent press. You know it and I know it... The business of the Journalist is to destroy truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of *mammon, and to sell his county and his race for his daily bread.
John Swinton...Newsman and former editor at The New York Times.

*Mammon is a term, derived from the Bible, used to describe material wealth or greed, most often personified as a deity.
The word itself is a transliteration from the Hebrew word "mammon" (מָמוֹן), which means "money."

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