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Living in (Anomalous) Roswell New Mexico

As I have said many times before on my Internet talk show,
welcome to ever sunny and always strange Roswell New Mexico!

This page started June 6 2010.

   Here brothers and sisters is a collection of various pictures I have taken in and around Roswell as well as some misc odd and ends and such. I know that for some people this website can seem a little gloomy. For this I do humbly apologize this was not my intent. So in the interest of throwing in some light hearted elements in the sincere hopes of putting a smile on someone's face I have decided to toss some personal pictures your way for your enjoyment...Mlady and I truly do hope you enjoy these. All of these pictures are a mixture of various photo's that I have taken since moving to Roswell NM four years ago in June of 2006. Here you will find everything from Vintage VW's to house and garden pictures, creepy bugs, Mlady and I to Chemtrails, Kittens and believe it or not Ufo's. So again we do hope you enjoy them. As I figure out how to imbed the short video clips that I took with our digital camera I will add them as well. Again thank you so much for viewing our website! Before continuing I define 'Ufos' as Unidentifiable flying/floating objects...Not of extraterrestrial origin! It pays to keep your camera with you at all times out here, something I still have trouble remembering.

If you came to this page to see only my Ufo pictures they are near the bottom of this page.

All photo's were taken with 5 year old a Nikon COOL PIX 4800 ED Digital camera.

Of course what would a photo collage of New Mexico be without pictures of the clouds right? I took this standing on our front porch facing east. This photo I had to crop down to 40% of the full size just to make it fit the page. This is a really stunning photo in it's full size. The detail is actually quite striking. So I am sorry about the smaller version. This is a developing thunderhead at just before sunset May 2010.

Here again from our porch, looking due east we have the beginning of a thunderhead
with this picture I had to really down size it. This photo also in its full size has some awesome detail.

Again North of town on a bright clear afternoon...A storm cell suddenly started to form.

4 O Clock in the afternoon Feb, 2010


The Dalmatian is our good boy Samson, Aka...'Samma Jamma' To the right is yours truly and our 'Bessie girl' who was Samson's best buddy back in Calif. Samson passed on Dec 23 2005 we still miss him deeply! What an awesome dog he was, and was always a good boy! Bessie is named after Queen Elizabeth I of England (16th Century) her majesties subjects commonly referred to her as 'Good Queen Bess' so myself being a long time Renaissance faire goer of almost 30 years, it just seemed like a good name for her. Hence the name Bessie. If anyone wonders why I use the term Her Majesty...I am English born.

Here's my Bessie girl smiling pretty for her dad

Here is my wonderful and lovely wife with with Drake to the left and Bess to the right. Mlady always has such a wonderful smile!
Which is most indicative of her attitude, something I need daily as being in Roswell for me can be a stressful thing.

This is my wife and myself summer 2007 volunteering for our churches "One nation under God" July 4th all day picnic and festival. Mlady worked this huge inflatable playground thing, while I did stage security for all the bands that came to play. My ears rung for the next two weeks...I'm not doing that again! Later that night our (Then) church put on a fireworks display that truly rivaled the city of Roswell's display. I wish you all could have been there. We were practically under the show, it was bloody awesome!

Here is our 1974 VW Thing parked in front of my good friend Jim Wilhelmsens store front in Roswell. I know it looks like I hit the sign in front of the vehicle...But I didn't, it was already slanted I didn't realize it when I took the picture at first. Only later after reviewing the pictures I took did I notice that the sign was already goofy.
See...VW's are tough!

One of several off road jaunts looking for!


What would a VW Thing segment be without a song dedication right?

Here is my brother Jim Wilhelmsen, in his store listening to a new ager trying to convince him
that the God of the Bible uses a Ufo...Welcome to Roswell!


Here are some shots of Jim Wilhelmsen and I stopping for some gas at Colorado Springs Co. We were on our way to Denver for the 2006 MUFON convention to spread the gospel. This gentleman wanted to show his colors, so I chose to show mine as well,
I don't think he appreciated it too much but "Oh well"! It's kinda hard to see my 'colors'but the patch at the bottom of my vest say's "Man of God"! This brother did have a sweet bike though. My brother Jim by the way is an old 'Biker' from way back in the 1970's when he helped to form the "Kings Kids' in the Detroit metro area, they were probably truly one of the first real Christian motorcycle clubs in the United States of America.

The real grays in Roswell...2006

From Left to right" David Ruffino, your humble webmaster and Jim Wilhelmsen

Crash site expedition...2007
Left to right: David Ruffino (Delusion Resistance) Jim Wilhelmsen (Echoes of Enoch Ministries) and your humble Webmaster
Here we are getting ready to caravan out to the "Crash site" in the New Mexico desert. Our efforts' were hampered by the owner of the property now making the crash site off limits to the public, because the city of Roswell wanted to levy a tax because the owner was charging to enter his/her private property. All their about out here is $$$ they could give a rat's backside less whether this 'alleged' crashed disk thing is real or not! So don't come to Roswell and waste your money gang! It's all a spiritual deception anyway. did something crash?...Yes but it was captured Nazi flying disk technology. NOT Aliens and a saucer from out there!

Tea party 2009...Roswell style

We had an awesome turnout for our tea party, must have been about 1000 people at least!
Way to go Roswell! The fed I'm sure got plenty of our pictures for their domestic terrorist list this day!

Yours truly giving the globalists the 'high sign' English style.
As luck would have it the lady behind me is one of my patients...go figure!

Every spring the town of Roswell has a hot air balloon day, where they fly low level over town. This balloon looks as if its in the tree, which its not of course, please notice the chemtrail in the background. They bombed us heavy that day, by mid afternoon the entire sky was a hazy whitish blue. It was one of these balloons that freaked out poor drake so much that he actually forced his way through the cat door so he could get back inside! Took alot of coaxing to get him to go outside again.


I took these from the front porch using our hand held digital camera using  1/2 to 3/4 zoom.
This squirrel is about 30 feet away. The blackbird is in the larger tree to the right at about 40-50 feet away

Here is a shot of our home from across the street, the smaller of the two tree's at the left, is the tree that the above squirrel picture was taken from and the blackbird picture was taken from the largest tree at the left while I was standing on the porch.

Mia kitty...Aka Old sour puss, the old bag, the empress, etc! We adopted her when we found out that she was going to be abandoned.
This cat is actually 20 human years old! Good looking for an old bag ain't she? She's a good enough kitty actually, but she has a crappy attitude with our other animals.

Above is 'Moe Kitty' with her babies. From left to right we have: Malachi, Amos, and Ruth.

Speaking of Ruth Aka...Ruthie, here is my favorite picture of her leaning on Malachi. Is this an 'attitude' picture or what?

Here is Bessie watching over 'Moe Kitty's' 5 week old kittens.  The white cat is Ruth, the darker cat at top is Malachi, and the light grey one is Amos. This dog has now kept watch over three generations of kittens, when the mother is not around she has on occasion, actually allowed the kittens to suckle her till 'momma' returns. She also will not leave them until momma comes back...wild huh?
Bessie is just a wonderful dog, in this photo she is 3 years older than the first above photo of her at the start of this page.

Here is our latest edition to the family as of spring 2009. this is Drake. Again I figured that since we have a border collie named after Queen Elizabeth I and since her majesties favorite privateer of the period was Francis drake. Well you get the idea! I know, I'm such a renaissance geek!

Again...what's not to love right? Drake just loves digging up everything I plant, trust me here! but I love him anyway. He is such a joy too have around, this picture is why my wife and I call him 'Drake face'! Border Collies I'm told are considered to be in the genius class for canines, just looking at Drakes eyes you can see his intelligence. If you look closely the whiskers on the left side of his face (your right) you can see that he's been digging, yes he's busted. He tried to dig up my roses...again!

Yes it actually snows here in Roswell, as you can see Drake could care less about getting cold and wet. One of Drakes oddities is that he loves to run through fresh snow and dip his snout in it, when this happens the snow goes flying off the sides of his face he looks just like a snowplow when this happens, its the goofiest thing I have ever seen and is most comical to watch. This was our last of six separate snow storms that we had for the 2009-2010 winter season. Most unusual for Roswell I'm told. These photo's were unfortunately taken two days after the storm silly me I didn't think to take pictures right then and there when it was storming like all get out.

I am always changing things around till I feel I've gotten it right, so this picture is only the most recent
version of what I'm trying to accomplish for the front. Next is painting the house both inside and out. Oh joy!

Here is a shot of my mistress...Eleanor. A sweet 1966 split window bus.
Picture taken from the Garage/workshop. Note the authentic German license plate!

My poor U-boat got snowed in this year winter of 2009, welcome too the Eastern Front...LOL! Eleanor usually has all four hub caps,
but Mlady 'threw' a cap while driving her Ghia so I borrowed one from Eleanor.

Here is Mlady's equally sweet 1966 Karmann Ghia
Yes even our panzers were snowed in. Our 1974 Thing is being used By Mlady this day due too the goofy road conditions. Even though the sun is shining there were still many patches of ice in and around town. Not too mention the crazy drivers out here.

 I told ya she was sweet! We call this car "Trixie"!
Because I have had too undue all of the molestation of it's previous owners over the last five years which made her a lil tricky to take out and about anywhere because we never knew when something was going to break or fail. But not anymore...Runs as good as she looks now! Yes I am the VW mechanic for our home, I will be 54 in Aug of 2010 and I have been working on VW's since I was twelve. So I know what I'm doing (I think lol)
I actually prefer too keep my cars stock, they just run better and have fewer problems. Besides I can pass more gas stations than most of you!...LOL

Here now is a picture I took of the sunset through a tree behind our house. I call it the 'burning bush', I think you can see why.
It certainly looks like it's on fire with a Smokey background doesn't it?

Election day 2008. Rather self explanatory I think.

Our reading/study nook opposite corner of the computer. This was taken mid summer 2009, I have since gotten a burr in my saddle and completely rearranged the entire house. Yes I'm a Renaissance geek...I'm proud too say! HUZZAH!

Armoury in progress

I am trying to re-establish my Armoury, but as most of you good folks already know I'm sure that life for some reason, just keeps getting in the way. yes I make 16th cent period Amour by the hammer. Most these pieces are actually 15th Cent, except the 'in progress' breastplate in the background...Told ya I was a renaissance geek!

Here is a common sight in and around our house. Mlady and I actively try to protect them from the 'Tarantula hawks' which are these huge black and bright orange wasp looking things that openly and coldly hunt down the tarantula's out here. We try to protect these spiders at all cost because they prey on cockroaches and scorpions, which is a good me!

Here is an unusual sight, a Vinegaroon out in the daylight. I was rummaging through some boxes in the garage and must have spooked it. Truth be known it spooked me as a came across it unawares! These things eat scorpions and such also, but they are hideously ugly and very creepy to find, this one is not quite 6 inches long minus the hair like whip tail which can be seen if one looks close enough. I will try to get a better shot of one of these weird creatures, hard to do since they mostly come out at night.

Here is a better shot of a Vinegaroon, which is called the Texas Vinegaroon.
"Vinegaroon", Mastigoproctus giganteus (Uropygi: Thelyphonida).
This species is sometimes referred to as the 'whip scorpion' due to its whip looking hair protrusion off its tail end. This Vinegaroon picture is from the internet complements of the University of Texas. These also are all over out here...When you happen across one by accident, trust me they will freak you out because they are that large! They can grow up too eight inches. They are not poisonous, nor do they bite or sting humans.
There just hideous is all!

And speaking of good things, here is a recent photo of a baby praying mantis that I happened across in the garden just the other day (June 11, 2010) now these things I love to see in and around the garden. Lady bugs and praying mantis...the gardeners best friends.
This picture uploaded 6-15-2010.

Here is a Mantis crawling around near the lower left hand corner of this picture

Here is the same mantis in the center of the two top roses
(looking directly at you) openly giving praise to the Lord on high!

This is what things look like before the cats get too

Another view of the front of our home, a little water goes a long way out here.


Here now is a very low altitude Chemtrail, of course it would be directly overhead! This is a very common sight out here in New Mexico. If you will notice there is one just to the right . The 'wispy' looking clouds are what is left of some earlier Chemtrails. I will add more as I find them, I have them stashed all over my computer...

From the front yard looking south...2007

The very next morning! Facing east they got us again! The wispy clouds in the background are what is left over
from an earlier bombardment...or spraying take your pick.

Chemtrails over my workplace, this was Oct 2009 here there getting wound up again for the second time this day.

Here I was attempting to get a shot of some double rainbows which I didn't think would come through anyway.
Instead what I captured was a bird flying through the frame...It looks more impressive in the full size picture.

Here is a shot of a twister trying to form on our way to Albuquerque on I-40 west August 2009.
Fortunately it petered out shortly after taking this shot.

March 2010
You know its spring time when the buzzards start flying overhead. Up until June
they fly over our neighborhood in a zigzag fashion every evening at around 5:45 pm. Weird I know!

 June of 2009

This is a normal rain storm, if you look closely you can tell it's raining like the dickens! If you will also notice the street you will see that its starting to flood. What is weird or rather goofy about Roswell, is that there are no storm drains. So the streets flood real fast!

Now for the Ufo's

 Let me restate, that I define 'Ufos' as Unidentifiable flying/floating objects...Not of extraterrestrial origin!

These next three rainbow pictures were taken Sept 16 2009
 and were not re-evaluated until July 7 2010
*Note: Front page for some reason will not load the cropped and enlarged disks from the next three pictures*
I will try to remedy this problem if I can, thank you for your patience. So you may have to right click and save them
then play with them in your favorite picture editor.

Here we have a rainbow starting to form this is the first of three sequential pictures taken from my porch...nothing here or so I thought.
If you will  please notice what I originally believed to be a bird to the left of the forming rainbow. If you zoom in on this anomaly you will see that it is an object/disk like item that seems to be immerging from out of seemingly a portal of sorts.

I at first just assumed this was a bird and didn't give it another thought...until

Please note the anomaly is now behind and near the top of the tree at the lower left of this picture.

 As of today's date July 7 2010 I have re-evaluated the above 'items' in the rainbow photos, and I do believe that what I at first thought was a bird is now certainly a disk. (After going to the original files and zooming in on the items in question) It's certainly is not a bird and you can see the air is distorted around it, I honestly do not remember seeing a bird fly into the frame of the shot. In the below photos I took of a wonderful scenic vista north of town this July 4th (2010) weekend I actually did catch what I believe is a genuine Ufo while out in the countryside with my mate Keith who came from out of state to visit and attended the 2010 Roswell Ufo convention. My goodly mate and I left the convention for a while, because he wanted to get out and see the countryside while he was here. As with the pictures above I took successive photos, there was nothing there that I could see while taking the shots. So as much as I detest 'assuming' I have to ask what else could it be? After finding the Hockey puck anomaly that quiet voice in my head told me to re-examine the rainbow pictures I took last year with what I had naturally assumed was just a bird, that was when I found the 'disk looking' anomaly in the above rainbow pictures. If the NWO is trying to sway me they have seriously wasted there time here...This still does not validate the 'unproven' ET hypothesis. But I do feel that it supports my claim of 'Man made' flying disk technology.
Because that is what crashed at Roswell back in 1947.

The anomalous July 4th 'Vista' pictures.

I do find it rather funny that these anomalies showed up during the 2010 Roswell Ufo convention.


This is the before picture, I had the camera resting on a fencepost for stability, this picture is 80% of the original size

Below is what I call the Hockey puck

The Hockey puck.

Above is the very next vista shot in sequence, I rotated the camera to the right just a wee bit while still keeping it on the fencepost for continued stability. As you can now see there is something on the horizon that was not there before. Mlady and I call this "The Hockey puck" I find it (almost) comical that this anomaly is nearly dead center in the frame. As with the above rainbow anomaly, if you zoom in you can see that the air around this object is disturbed in some fashion. Even without zooming in on this picture you can just see the disturbed or distorted air below it. This photo is the 100% original (unaltered) full size photo. After closer scrutiny I have found several more 'anomalous items' in this peculiar photograph...please see below for one such item. 

The 'Manta' cloud from the above vista photo, this picture is contrast adjusted and enlarged to hopefully show the picture better due to the brightness of the original vista picture (above) and flipped side to side to further show the stark similarity to the B/W 1961 photo.   

Here above is an enlarged and cropped 'Roswell Manta' along with a famous photo taken by an Italian man off the coast of Sicily in 1961. If you will go back to the 2nd vista picture with what Mlady and I call the hockey puck in it and look slightly below it and just to the left a bit you will see a cloud that looks very much like this but facing in the opposite direction...Again what are the odds right? If I could now only win a! The next oddity that I noticed is if you look just above the first fencepost in the foreground and about an inch to the left you will see what certainly looks like the left half of an alien (Fallen Angel) face in the clouds. What first caught my eye (No pun) was what truly looks like an "Illuminati All Seeing Eye of Horus" in the same cloud that's your visual marker. There is a connection here, as the Illuminati are going to use the 'Alien-Ufo' deception to try and implement their New World Order as the final trump card against us...No I'm not on drugs! Just honestly investigate what is called 'Project Blue Beam' to understand this deception better. Alleged Aliens are Fallen Angels masquerading as life from beyond our world, and Ufo's are man made they have been conditioning us, mankind for several generations now to accept the false reality of "ETs" so do not be deceived brothers and sisters.


Here is the cropped and enlarged 'Alien' face from the above vista picture, this is a left half view as it appeared in the clouds.
What caught my attention at first was the "All seeing eye of Horus" in the original vista picture. It was only then that I noticed the eye was in the alien appearing face. I have held a mirror up to the alien face to see what the 'whole' image would look like. It certainly does appear to be an alleged alien...albeit a very happy smiley looking one.

This location is about 15 miles north of town. I took this shot right after the last vista shot as I heard some thunder.
Keith and I had to get going shortly after this was taken because the storm in the background which was about two miles or so up the road was closing in fast on us, and I didn't bring the windows or 'side curtains' as their called with us. We were using the factory supplied "Manual" air conditioning.

Here is Keith and myself at the 2010 Ufo convention. Prior to our little jaunt out in the country.
The good looking individual at right is my goodly mate Keith. Which leaves the scurvy
looking sea dog as your humble webmaster. As you no doubt can see we decided to dress to the nines for this event.







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