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       Welcome to Live from Roswell...Area 33.

    Hello everyone my name is Michael, and I am your host.

I also am a man of God. I am of the firm opinion that Jesus is not only the Lord of the universe but more importantly I feel, of all mankind. So for me...Yes Jesus is Lord Amen and Amen!

I also am the webmaster of saintsagainsttyranny.com and I created this website for Area 33, I also produce this show. I am still learning how to do all of these cool computer website techie 'things' so please bear with me as I work to make this show better for all of us. It is also an immense pleasure to know that you are visiting this website and reading about us...so let me say this is only the 2nd website I have ever made, and more importantly may I offer to you a hearty thank you in advance (truly) for spending your valuable time with us!

As your host I am committed to bringing you the listener the very best of deception resistance internet talk radio that I possibly can along with the best indie Christian music that I can find! So if you have a band or are a solo artist then please do send me a demo. But...were not all doom and gloom either. I like to talk with like minded folks who (like me I'm sure) love talking about all of the weird, and strange stuff in the world so I plan on  having some some fun along the way with certainly some of the more bizarre topics that we will be discussing while I stream to you from ever sunny and always strange Roswell New Mexico both live and unafraid with plenty of attitude from the 33rd latitude.

Attitude that is...in so much that I am also a patriot and am very much anti-New World Order! One of my main goals is to make "Live from Roswell...Area 33" hopefully one of your top shows. Tall order I know but I'm going to try, so listener interaction is both highly encouraged and, as always will be most welcome!

But every other Sat at 8 pm? Really?

Yes for now (sorry) as I said please bear with me. I have decided to go with a bi monthly starting schedule because I am blessed with both a life, and a job. My main thought is that to start with a bi monthly schedule would give me plenty of time to put together some well thought out, and researched shows for you my listeners...and if " Live from Roswell "can catch a break later on then I will certainly start moving into a weekly format. Having Area 33 as a weekly live show though is my ultimate goal!

So you are most welcome to help if you wish by joining with us live. Feel free to listen in, chat or even call in. I myself would very much like to hear of your odd experiences, and eerie tales. All live shows (when completed) will be archived for download within 24-48 hrs after each show.  So what this means for you the listener is that Live from Roswell...Area 33 will be broadcast  originally as a live show first, and then archived as a podcast later. So you folks can have the best of both worlds!

To give you a better understanding of who and what I am about my attitude is simply thus...God and his laws first. The United States constitution second. Family third...Period. Everything else I feel is just gravy really. So if anyone wants to assume out of hand that I am some kind of republican right wing extremist neo con nut job whacko fascist...then that is your problem not mine. Because you'd be wrong!

To you I would say that you need to get over your force fed lame stream media fueled dogma/programming, and honestly study the world around us! Because Mlady and I do not play the orchestrated political game that both blinds and tears this country apart! So think of us more as privateers.

Area 33 will be looking at both the conspiracy and paranormal from a largely biblical perspective. I myself have always held certain conservative views throughout my life and certainly long before becoming born again. I have always looked upon these views as more of a common sense approach to life more than a dogma really. It was then later that I found the Lord, and not the other way around.

I myself do not belong to any political party, and neither does Mlady. Why you may ask? Because we recognize that both sides of the political aisle (republicans and democrats) are working for the shadow masters Aka the global elite or more accurately put...the luciferians. Therefore dear friends obviously NOT US the American people plain and simple! A blind man can see the clear constitutional violations that have transpired of late, and that's not even counting the assaults on our liberties prior to the establishment of Das dept of Father...err I mean the Department of Homeland Security! Yeah...I see it like that!

I also am both a 24 year fire department veteran, and have served in the USAF. I have an extensive background in fire science and its physics. I have been in and around both military and civilian aircraft up close and personal for most of my life and I have a very solid understanding of both aeronautics/rocketry and military ordinance. I enjoy amateur astronomy, gardening and vintage Volkswagens. I also am happily married to the most wonderful woman that a man could ever wish for. Thank you Lord Jesus!

I have been researching both the paranormal and conspiracy fields for most of my adult life as well. I have always held a fascination with all things Fortean, and have based Area 33 around all of these genres'. You would be amazed at just how well today's current paranormal, and conspiracy realms all tie together with the Christian Bible once you come to grips that the spiritual realm is both quite real, and very active today!

As someone who has served his country faithfully and honorably  I must confess that it was actually many many years ago when I first started to hear of a shadow government while I was in the military, but at the time being young and like most people I considered this notion to be utter folly and just plain crazy talk at best...that is until quite some time later on Sept 11 2001 when I watched the the ritual murder of thousands of innocent people live on of course TV.

But this dark and evil event didn't initially become personal for me until I realized that 343 Firefighters had also met their deaths right before my eyes! It was at that very moment that the gravity of the situation stabbed me hard and cold right in the heart. The wound left over from that heinous event still weighs heavily upon me to this very day...so yes its personal.

Ever since then I have been searching for the villains that have committed these foul, evil and brutal deeds and I now can clearly see the beast they serve that is headed our way. So I do hope that all of this sums up what both myself and the show is all about and that you would come and join in with me here at Live from Roswell. As we peer deep into the matrix together...In search of monsters!