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And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand;
and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many.
He shall also stand up against the Prince of princes
but he shall be broken without hand.

Daniel 8 vs. 25  KJV.


 The New Age Movement and You
Rethinking God!

No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to Lucifer, No one will enter the New Age, unless he or she will take an Luciferian Initiation.
David Spangler, Director of the United Nations Planetary (Global) initiative.

The new age movement is a topic that can become extremely involved, this one topic more than any of the others, can be and is, with its convoluted thinking "all over the map". This subject matter encompasses so many different aspects of our human existence and experience, that it truly gives me a headache trying to figure out where to start, what to include, and in which order. So I have decided to start with one of the main reasons for this web site, which is OUR immediate and common threat!

The remainder of this page, like the UFO page will be addressing the high points of the new age movement, with hopefully plenty of "video links" to help fill the gaps.

"Science has made unrestrictive national sovereignty incompatible with human survival.
The only possibilities now are world government or Death"... Bertrand Russell...New age writer and philosopher.

We have an obligation to expose and attack the world of Bible worship.
Salvationism, heaven, hell, and all the mythical deities. The Humanist...New age publication

"One of these days I'll be so complete I won't be human, I will be a god"...John Denver,  singer and composer.

Here my beloved brothers and sisters we have the culmination of Lucifer's agenda tweaked and fine tuned over many millennia. Those of you who "believe" in the power of, and or godhead of self, through the "universal" god essence have been played like chumps.
The religion of man...or the god man is doomed because

Lucifer does not share power!

The prince of the power of the air will only give out enough magikal power so as to become "credible" to those that he needs to Implement, or to "see through" his machinations here upon Earth, then once finished with these tasks, you get discarded. So why then do we have to be even dealing with this maniacal moron?, because the Earth once was his to rule over long, long ago.....That is until Iniquity was found in him, (namely pride!!) the very same thing that has, and will continue to bring down the best of us in humanity.

So why then does Satan hate us so much? Because when all of this linear existence finally plays out,
and the Lord GODs righteousness comes to pass; it is we brothers and sisters
that will be in a position of authority over the Angels themselves. You will even find this sentiment expressed in the Islamic Koran
when Lucifer refused to bow down to the Man or Adam that was created by GOD, feeling that he Lucifer was a greater creation
instead of something that was made of the "dust of the ground" this is why the corruption in the garden of Eden.

And the Lord GOD said unto the serpent, because thou hast done this,
thou art cursed above all cattle, and every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go,
and dust shalt thy eat all the days of thy life

And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between
thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel
Genesis 3 vs. 15 & 16 KJV.

I find the above graphics to be very telling, here we see human beings entirely embraced, or entangled by smiling serpents, this really illustrates just how well Satan and his new [old] world order has "imbedded" him/themselves in mankind, or rather "Adam kind". For it does not matter if you are one of those people that doesn't believe in either GOD or the devil.

They both exist, and they both believe in You
Because "we" are the prize!

 Before continuing, I must note that EVERYTHING satan attempts, will be a same but opposite event/action.
In other words satan will mimic what GOD has done, and will do, but for his (Satan's) own end.
Therefore having an "opposite" end result (from GOD) for mankind.
So then the traditional concepts of GOD
really have no place in the minds and agenda's of these Globalists.
For example:

    Humanist manifesto II states:
   "As non theists, we begin with human beings, NOT GOD, nature, not deity will save us:
We must save ourselves".

This then fits "hand in glove" with the teachings of theosophy. Which in a nut shell gang, is that man is god, so therefore being a god, man can save himself. This comparison in and of itself is a good example of the "convoluted" thinking that goes into,
and along with the new age Movement.

Global age style.

In 1986 there was what was called "the world of cooperation", also known as the world healing meditation. Then the next year 1987, there was the "harmonic convergence". The goal of these new age events was to bring, or pull together, all or many of the varying aspects of  progressive "enlightened" thinkers such as humanists, idealists, and of course all the "Globalists" under the official banner called the new age movement. The general idea or concept was that if "they" could get 1% of what was then called critical mass or the worlds population to gather together (spiritually) and in 'harmony', so as to produce a "vibratory resonance" which was hoped to introduce a quantum leap forward within the movement towards the goal of world peace.

Both of these events were billed by the media, as capable of producing global unanimity, thereby in turn producing supernatural healings and "inaugurating" a sort of planetary Pentecost. Shortly there after was a much heralded quantum leap as the next stage in the "spiritual evolution" toward reaching godhood!. What was fueling this fire was a book entitled Practical Spirituality by a John Randolph Price. The author of this book told of being in communication with an "Ascended awakened one" .who called himself Asher. where have we heard this stuff before I wonder?
During one of these contact "sessions" Asher relayed that, and I quote:
"There will be a uniting of spiritually minded people on the planet through a particular vibration of the ethers, and that this fusion energy will reach a peak on Dec, 31. 1986,
and it will remove the threat of Global War"

End quote.

As usual with the dark side......they lie

Meet Aleister Crowley's personal "ascended spirit master" also known as 'spirit guides'...named Lam, does this thing look familiar too anyone?    

These ascended spirit masters are nothing new, for those of you who may have read our UFO, aliens and the false rapture page already know just who or "what" these alleged spirit masters really are. You see "Asher's" message certainly has reassured these new agers and the proponents of their movement, but it has startled the stuffing out of Christians world wide!. Why?, because Asher's message contained a warning or threat. This warning was that those people who had a lower vibratory level or rate WILL BE REMOVED in the next 20 years!. Loudly smacking of the New testaments book of Revelation and its warnings of Antichrist who makes his war against the saints. To top all this off was another message from Asher that simply stated:

"Those looking for a savior, can find one in the mirror"

Once again people...a purely theosophical message of man is a god!

When the moon is in the 7th house, and Jupiter aligns with mars, then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars......
This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius.......
The 5th Dimension.

So what is this age of Aquarius?

The age of Aquarius, simply put is the coming of what new ager's call the "christ". Christ being a hebrew word for savior, not too be confused with the official title of Jesus "the risen Christ" or Messiah (Savior) meaning the same thing. Aquarius, meaning the astrological sign of the water bearer. Water which by the way, is always associated with life or to give life. The Mayan calendar itself tells of an ending of an age, this "age" being the age of "pieces" or the fish. Which is the Christian era, the "fish" always being associated with the Lord Jesus....So what the Mayan calendar is eluding to then is the end of the age of the Gentiles,
or the Christian era, just as mentioned in the Bible at the rise of Antichrist.

For an excellent video about the up and coming new age christ
Click Here


Benjamin Crème                      His lord the "Maitreya"

Support of this claim can be found with an individual named Benjamin Crème, who himself claims to be the voice of, and prophet of and for the New Age Christ, or as he say's "Lord Maitreya". AKA as the Imman Mahdi to Islam, Krishna to the Hindu's, Emmanuel or God with us to the Jews, Maitreya to the Buddhists, the Christ to all Christians, etc, etc, etc. Thereby setting the stage for a universal savior for the new age global religion. More commonly known as the ecumenical movement, [or the we all serve the same god movement] brought to us by Pope John Paul II back in 1986, whom also has many times prior to his death, called for a New World Order!. His successor Benedict XVI, himself has also continued the message and mission of his predecessor.

Many supposed experts, will tell you that "Islam" is the fastest growing religion in the world today and to some degree this is true, but did you know that within the last 30 some odd years or so it actually has been occultism and within the last ten years it has been paganism that continues to grow exponentially year after year,  greatly aided by the "main stream media" and Hollywood. Just look at the intense interest in Harry potter!. Paganism, and Wicca (witchcraft) is rising at an alarming rate amongst our young people, if you don't believe me than take a close look at the 'Hot new shows' on TV that are focused around Vampires as the sexy good guys verses the 'bad' werewolves or lichens as they are sometimes known. If there are any of you out there (no pun) that like to attend renaissance faires, take the time to watch and listen very closely to the symbolism, and the manner in which all the pomp and pageantry is presented. Also note whom makes up most of the "vendors" at any given faire. Because the main thing that you will notice right away is the spirit of revelry, dance, and drunkenness which is heavily and heartily promoted. In California they have the Renaissance pleasure faire, the faire that actually started it all for North amerika and eventually the world, whose now famous icon is a smiling "SUN" symbol. If Investigated properly one will find this is always an ancient symbol for Satan, the "green man" face (below) is also a very prominent symbol at Renaissance faires and is just another version of this Satan symbol.

The above burning man 2007 poster is yet again...another variant still.

If you will notice now this 'Green man' is a female, which makes this subject an androgynous one
androgyny being a combination of both male and female...such as the above baphomet! Once again nothing really changes but the lipstick on the hog, or in this case the dark one!

So how pervasive is this new age movement beyond a renaissance faire?

Let us now look at the medical field shall we?
Most of you like myself probably hadn't a clue as to just how well ingrained the new age is actually involved with the practice of modern medicine. My job is a physical therapist, one that I enjoy immensely, the opportunity to actually help people is most gratifying. But one of the "things" that my employers/doctors would like to see me do more of, is to educate the patients on utilizing their inner energy or "chakra" more often. Naturally I've not done this, nor am I likely too either! My doctors premise is that through complete "inner relaxation"  and "visualizing" there recovery, they (the patients) will then be able to aid and or expedite this healing process themselves. Of course this is utter nonsense, when one considers that nearly all my patients are VERY overweight, most of these poor folks are diabetic to begin with.

These poor people suffer from a myriad of musculature and skeletal problems one systemic of the other in some manner too be sure. The lifestyle "habits" of these people most certainly do not aid in their current health condition either. Before I continue, I need to relate to you where I live. I live in Roswell New Mexico, a smallish Southwestern town of around 50 thousand or so. I myself come from the Oakland, San Francisco bay area. I grew up in an Air Force family, and have served in the US Air Force myself, and have been blessed with the opportunity to live in a great many varied, and diverse regions of our beautiful planet. I have also lived in the state of New Mexico 3 different times prior to this current time here in Roswell, which makes #4. Roswell is this weird amalgam of the 21st Cent and its technology, mixed with the attitudes of the Southwest of the 1940's and 50's. So human relations at a very personal "medical" level is most bizarre indeed!, so when I call it "when worlds collide" is not a  joke!!!

Back to topic!...... In today's modern world of medicine these last 30 years or so, we have been unknowingly  indoctrinated into the new age. Some of the terms I am going to describe to you come directly from the new age movement itself. Please note how many times we are to believe that we have "inner powers" when reading this. This IS at the crux of the new age belief system.

Self-Healing: The patients "perception" is considered more Important than the nature of the ailment. Laughter, courage, tenacity and control are emotional factors governing the bodies ability to "self heal". Proper relaxation is supposed to "rebalance" the body without the use of outside chemicals (Drugs).

Prevention: Here we have "common sense" mingled with new age spiritualism. Proper diet is a major consideration, including some exotic advice!. Many new agers borrow from the Edgar Casey readings and ingest "ragweed" for improving and aiding liver function. Dandelion leaves and roots are considered nutritive herbs. Three times as many vegetables that are grown "above" ground are to be consumed as opposed to those that come from the ground. New agers also say that certain foods should not be eaten at the same sitting, and that by mixing certain foods is "taboo"!, for instance meat and starch should never be eaten at the same time!. 
Yeah well....sorry gang, I am NOT giving up a good BBQ, with some screaming potato salad!!............Period!!!

Imagery: Just as placebos are to trigger positive mental attitudes toward certain therapies, so it is believed that an adjusted "perspective" can affect bio chemistry. Simply put: the power of suggestion was the secret of shamans. Before continuing please note this technique is borrowed from hypnosis, which "opens" the mind to outside suggestion, influence, and more importantly intrusion. This brothers and sisters is a really good way to let "dark spiritual forces" into you!!!, via YOUR subconscious. This is something that we are strictly warned of and forbidden of doing by the Almighty GOD of the Bible! The afore mentioned shaman technique is, according to these new agers, as the best way to facilitate the body's positive powers of health and healing. Disease is seen as a necessary "karmic" force to teach those "unprepared" to leave the earthly plane of existence. Those who are ready to realize their personal responsibility for choices. Including the option to accept the divine within, may no longer have need of sickness and can dwell in a continual state of wellness and bliss. The assumption and implication forever!

Bodywork: This new age term refers to the necessity of an appropriate balance of body and mind, for the continuation of health. Its extreme form promises "agelessness" and youthful" vigor. The body is seen as a reflection of life's experiences and spiritual progress. techniques such as "massage", yoga, and aikido, Tai Chi, and psychostructural balancing of the body are said to permit one's internal physiology to retain tremendous lifelong health benefits. Of course this has yet to be proven by modern medicine, and probably never will be but to the followers of the new age philosophy this matters not, they see it as their own 'self' healing gospel...

Macrobiotics: Here now is an interesting subject that is certainly "out there" on the fringe. Yet it is seriously looked at by famous people, including world leaders. Such as Jimmy Carter, most notably his late sister Ruth Carter, [obviously this didn't work].
Whom herself was bring treated for her cancer by an individual named Michio Kushi
who is the foremost proponent of the "macrobiology" way of life.

 Whom is quoted as saying:
"Some kind of world government could enforce law upon the international level,
resolving relationships between countries and bloc's, that then would relieve world tensions!" 
End quote.

Trust me brothers and sisters this far reaching conclusion is not unusual for any new age "theoretician", nor anyone else who believes in the New Age Movement and its Doctrines. this quote by Kushi, who is truly seen as the foremost proponent of the New Age Macrobiotic way of life! In fact Kushi sees an direct interactive interplay between diet and government.
Another quote  from this Kushi dude is as follows:

What is necessary in order to create one happy, peaceful world?. That question is the subject matter of Macrobiotics, the study of the Unifying principle....that deals with yin and yang, or balance, the basic order of the universe on all levels,  Spiritual, Social, Individual, and Bio chemical...End quote.

 Food as the way to world peace! through diet!, the root element of macrobiotics, and people think I'm bloody nuts! So I hope you good people can see just how these "concepts" have seeped into modern medicine!, and continue to influence medical practice today as well as government. Therefore yet again another attempt to alter ones spirit...something that God warns us not to do!

How does the new age equate to personal spiritualism?
Click Here to find out, run time 1Hr 46 min.

This is another must see video. As with all video's that are included within this web site, they are not short teaser clips. The information is just to important to give a "snippet here and there", I have included these video's in the hope that some of you will take the time to FULLY Investigate for yourselves, and again "hopefully" come too see the deceptions that surround and assail us from all directions, and come to realize how they have made their way into our culture and the adverse effect that stems from it and how we are left to deal with its impact upon us all, from the government on down to you and I.

Click Here
For more knowledge on the new age movement
and how it has led to our modern society.

Why young people need the Gospel the most!  

Part of this blame is, and should be shared by adults, it is and has been OUR responsibility to rear our children in a positive and responsible manner. Most of us have failed miserably at this, myself included. I know this sounds harsh!, but I will not apologize for saying the truth, nor will I ever!. So then how can we rectify this dilemma?, can we undo what has been done? The optimist in me wants to say yes, only for most young people it may be too late. The overt programming of our children's minds by the entertainment industry is very, very powerful. Case in point!, teenagers now feel it is "THEIR GOD GIVEN RIGHT" to rebel and act in an absolutely selfish, and socially destructive manner. We parents are to blame in part for this, having allowed the TV too become a babysitter, and a pacifier for our children when they were very young, when there adorable little minds were like sponges soaking everything in.
We dropped the ball!  

This is re enforced by either "unknowing or uncaring" parents. Lets face it, we all thought that our parents weren't cool when we were teenagers, and even at this time (for me in the 1970's) this was even then being powered by the main stream media, only I couldn't see it. So I went about doing the things that the media were making out to be cool. I felt like I'd found a niche for myself in a world that "seemed" like it was truly spinning out of control, and it was all by design! Look at how the media programming has become increasingly more worldly, powered by the immense rise of high technology, which in turn fuels the media, which in turn fuels this technological boom, each feeding and fueling the other. With humanity caught in the middle

Look at the rise of "occult" oriented programming that boomed in the 1980's. Again by design!, the point I'm trying to make is that the "targeted" audience or generations of young people was ramped up in the 80's, not my generation of the 60's and 70's as most might think. The start of this plan was gradual to be sure, yes it kind of started with my generation in a sense, with programs like Bewitched, Star Trek, Dark Shadows, The Invaders etc. But in the 1980's this effort was really radically ramped up with shows like ALF (alien life form), Star trek the next generation, etc maintaining a re enforcement of these "concepts" with a much larger viewing audience than my generation and powered by an immense technological push, and thereby moving us effortlessly into the 90's with shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with more and more darker themes, being integrated into main stream television PROGRAMMING! Only now we had the internet, everything is starting to become digital...which means Global!

Now there are TV shows that have "good" or white magik wielders doing battle against the bad or 'Black magik wielders', vampires are now the hero's, young girls involved with "witchcraft" are now fighting the "powers" of darkness, a vampire or werewolf is now the sexy male and female hero figure. All the while we are being bombarded with a New age message, we are special!, and can attain special (magikal) powers through "inner self", we can make a difference!....Not GOD! Just look at the current popular Sci fi show titled just that, "Hero's", with their "wondrous" powers!, We are losing our children to "programming" with such TV channels as the Sci fi channel, which if anyone will take a close look has very little "science fiction" in it anymore. Its almost entirely occult shows!, and horror movies, with a very subtle yet constant anti God message. So why then do they not just come out and call it what it really is?
The Occult Channel!

Paganism, witchcraft [Wicca], and Harry potter.

So here we are at the "dawning" of the 21st century, and anyone including our children can go to Wal mart and buy a book on "Wicca" (witchcraft) and a myriad of books on "paganism", with publications of varying degrees of knowledge or more importantly advancement to be had with these "Kraft". In 2004 Mlady and I were doing some Christmas shopping at our Wal mart in Vallejo Calif. we were looking for some bibles and other worldly yet innocuous publications. We were totally shocked that NOT ONE!!! Bible was to be had, so we asked an associate why this was so. This employee told us it was Corporate policy this year to NOT SHOW any favoritism to any religion. This was really odd since there were books on "Hinduism, and Islam, Kwanza and meditation (New Age) and such, but NOTHING for Christians!
Needless to say I wanted a manager to rip a new one too! and I wanted one NOW!, and I got one, [and yes] I had my say! This manager whom almost immediately tried to tell me corporate policy (yawn) and that there was nothing they or I could do about this....Happy holidays! was their parting remark as they turned on their heels and left! Since it was also by the way, Corp. policy to refrain from saying "Merry Christmas" that year. I personally have no problem with not saying "Merry Christmas" myself. In fact I myself don't celebrate Xmas anymore simply because of its ancient pagan [and] Roman/Vatican origins. Anyone who thinks I'm nuts [on this subject] I would respectfully request that you look into this. We get the term Christmas from Rome, let me break this term down for you. Remember this term comes from the Latin...Christ [Greek for Christos] self explanatory right? Mass is in the Latin which = death celebration!, so to celebrate Christmas actually means you are celebrating Christ's death! and in December for crying out loud, another pagan belief when were told he was born! you see how easily we are manipulated!?! Just because we are too lazy to investigate for ourselves! We/you assume that what we/you were taught is true and correct, everything is a luciferian lie.

I do need to interject at this point that Wal mart took it in the shorts that year in "retail sales"
they since then, have not discriminated against [deluded] Christians......I guess Christian $$$$ spend as well as pagan and atheistic.

It was at that very moment in time, that it hit me like a ton of bricks!, I felt as if my eye's were opened, and they were. Aside from all the Wicca and Pagan "101" books, (some were actually titled this) I was astounded by the sheer volume of Harry potter crap!, and that was 2004! as most of you know it has gotten much worse since then. We have seen in the "media" the sensationalism they create when ever a new book comes out, and now we have deluded parents and grandparents, with the usual army of pre teens and teenagers all in "costume" some with parents in costume [and] in tow, for these book releases, we now have Harry Potter conventions, oddly enough themselves taking on a "faire" like atmosphere.

Most of the public not actually having a clue that these potter books are actually teaching Magik!
and sorcery!, bit by subtle bit. book by book, skill level by skill level and that our children are actually learning dark craft.

Welcome to the new age everyone!

Click Here
 For an awesome link exposing the truth of the matter

For it is Written:

As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me,
and every tongue shall confess to GOD.
So then every one of us shall give an account of himself to GOD.

Romans 14 : 11, 12  KJV.

Don't wait till you die, too find out the truth

By then it will be too late!!!

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