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Welcome to our Links page

Here is a list of very thorough websites to keep you busy for some time. All are highly recommended. If anyone wishes to do any serious research, then these very comprehensive sites are the ticket to greater understanding!. All of these sites are highly educational for those who wish to know the truth.


And ye shall know the truth,
and the truth shall make you free

John 8 : 32 KJV


Powerful Christian Websites:
Here is a full, comprehensive and stimulating Blog
to keep you busy for some time...worth looking into for sure!


John Todd, the Illuminati and Witchcraft!

Here now for your brains enjoyment is a wonderful website full
of 'Out of place artifacts' that have been uncovered from around the globe
how does one actually explain these?


Pam Schuffert's The Coming Persecution of the Church in America Breaking News, U.S., World, Science, and Mystery

The Resistance Manifesto


 Awesome Secular sites:

Arnold Exposed

Fire Fighters For 9-11 Truth FF 911 Truth
As a former firefighter of twenty four years I can personally attest to the facts and claims
made by my brother and sister firefighters on this website. It was my knowledge of structures, jet fuel and the like
that forced me to question the "Official" 9 11 government story, and which set me on the path that I tread to this day.

Illuminati Conspiracy Archive Home

Prison Do You Have the Knowledge to Escape?

Political links...
I'm going to make this real simple for you. There is only one link
and it will be one of the most important links you will ever click on.

Here now is the only truly viable alternative to the mass hysteria media molded, corporate sponsored, secret society controlled elitist force fed political dogma...Or deception, take your pick! Tea party supporters it's time to wake up and join with this party because...How much do you truly care about America?

Do you really think your precious republican party actually cares about you?


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